Описание Неписи

Описание неписи

1a chicken51551101010
2a rabbit52554101010
3a sewer rat93553252525
4a cat93554252525
5a slime342120425 25
6a pig202056303030
7a dog3740376888
8a goat191555353535
9a frost ooze34212028  50
10an ice snake54453015  10
11a mongbat1038145303030
12a sheep192553353535
13Jwilson342120430 50
14a zombie7020409  20
15a dolphin4065208  30
16a cow301559353535
17a headless one50555510  20
18a bullfrog7025208252525
19a skeleton8055408  25
20a skeleton archer50100153  50
21an eagle47502311303030
22a gorilla95456010101010
23a walrus2545209555555
24a snake3425103656565
25a shade100655014  45
26the brigand80557518  50
27the peasant170505010   
28a corpser180454015   
29a swamp tentacle120558025   
30a ghoul100656015  45
31a giant rat7455309404040
33a spectre100656024  55
34a llama4955308555555
35a wraith100656024  60
36a hind6560458454545
37a horse12045109454545
38a horse12045109454545
39a horse12045109454545
40a horse12045109454545
41a pack horse12045109454545
42a pack llama8055308505050
43a brown bear75454712555555
44a harpy120757524  60
45an ettin165555519  60
46an alligator100252015656565
47a grey wolf80555512535845
48a golden ostard9050257805555
49a black bear100551514606060
50an ettin165555519  70
51a plains ostard90502571055050
52a swamp ostard9050257906060
53a timber wolf8065559606060
54a white wolf80655515656050
55a Desert Ostard17045109655050
56a Terathan Drone25550130  65
57a Forest Ostard17045109705050
58a troll205557030  60
59a troll205557030  60
60a troll205557030  60
61a giant toad100252022858585
62a water elemental155759525  80
63a great hart71675712757575
64an earth elemental155759237  80
65a fire elemental155859525  80
66a panther85855010707070
67an air elemental155859525  80
68a gargoyle1757010522  70
69the mage170809518  80
70a frost troll205657035  70
71a gazer1257016522  65
72a giant scorpion115653014757575
73a skeletal mage1005521019  65
74a bone mage1006521019  60
75a giant spider10065608757575
76a mustang10050251270105105
83a bull111557514757575
84a chaos one15015555100  20
85the Paladin1501201001  110
86a giant ice serpent245608526  65
89the Orcmage1506518515  70
90a sea mustang10050251288105105
91a grizzly bear155854012656565
94a frost spider100556020858585
95a liche1353520530  85
96a sea serpent225758535  70
105a blood mustang100502512108105105
106a snow mustang100502512110105105
109a frost wolf145852525808080
110a thing2001007590  63
111a Terathan Warrior305506535  80
112a lava lizard150552025959595
113an ice elemental1854519230  85
114a dire wolf120856018858585
115a reaper2156523525   
116a stone gargoyle2755510535  80
117a stone harpy320607535  60
118a valley ostard12560125201156060
119a skeletal knight350656032  60
120an imp1006011015959595
121a Raptor100608025110100100
122an ophidian apprentice mage2055021530  75
123a buggy bug200705030115 115
124a polar bear14085502510510570
125a hell hound120856021100100100
126a mummy370604045  85
127Lord of the Mists3005514518  85
128a giant serpent215608518858555
129a necro horse10014590911011045
130a bone knight400656035  70
131a snow elemental355659535  80
132a wisp2257022530  95
133the orcish lord3206019035  55
134an ophidian warrior3206019025  65
135an ophidian enforcer3206019025  70
136an ophidian shaman2755025030  80
137a fire ostard1505010030120120120
138a blade spirit50080140  75
139a valley frenzied ostard16060160141259090
140a cyclopse485555542  80
141an efreet3557519535  80
142a daemon3055532518  75
143a fire frenzied ostard1757012545135120120
144a heavenly frenzied ostard1756517545130115115
145an ice fiend4056522545  80
146an ophidian knight-errant595607040  80
147an Ophidian Avenger595657035  85
148a skeletal knight5501656032  60
149a terathan avenger645557035  85
150an elder gazer3258038540  85
151a wyvern430629035115115115
152a drake4307014035115115115
153a Terathan Matriarch4055545535  90
154a No Sir8005510535  80
155a dread spider525703003095 95
156an ophidian matriarch5056545535  90
157a titan5855540535  90
158the Ogre Lord945657040  75
159an energy vortex80070 55135 135
160a ride drake53070140135140140140
161a blood elemental6156551545  85
162a liche lord5055565535  90
163a poison elemental7256543535  85
164the Guard1000500 1   
165a Unicorn600100400100130130135
166a Gold Unicorn500200400100140140135
167the Battle Mage100010050030   
168a white wyrm82575425409610190
169a Rock dragon8256547535125125125
170a dragon8258547540125125125
171a dragon8258547540125125125
172a Black Mirror Unicorn700300500100146146135
173a Higher Vampire9006567535125125125
174a NightMare10207062550135135135
175a black liche1000300100055   
176an energy vortex950400150035   
177a great wyrm158532077550145 145
178balron118555205060  95
179a Minotauer250010001500350  140
180a liche dragon45003002500255   
181a Gold Dragon500020002500900148150150
182a Quest Dragon600060006000500